Showroom in Parndorf expanded


Showroom in Parndorf

Fuel Legends, Grandprix Originals, our own products and our opening times

From November 2020, our Appointmenthall in Parndorf will be offering a few selected jackets from the Fuel-Legends brand and a few designer pieces from the Grandprix Originals brand for sale. Since we were asked again and again whether we could not recommend a few “matching items of clothing”. So we thought about it, and what would suit us better than jackets from a passionate fashion freak, a former friend who left us far too early, and athletes from the Fuel Legends brand and the Grand Prix Originals collections. A small selection of this and a few of our gift ideas for the passionate classic car enthusiast can be found in our Appointmenthall in Parndorf from November.

Parndorf Showroom
Parndorf Showroom