Overview of

Rostige Karosserie vor Restaurierung

Complete restoration

Hellblauer Porsche in der Werkstatt

All in one

Porsche understood the most efficient way of building cars with the technology that was available to them at the time.

Our approach to restoration is no different. Starting with research and documentation we begin the restoration steps. Every aspect of the restoration process takes place in house. This level of quality control is essential in the restoration.

Partial restoration

2 Porsche in der Werkstatt

Bit by bit

Why take everything when you don’t need everything? On request, you can specifically access individual services. For example, when some work is not necessary or is carried out by others.

The components of the portfolio are: disassembly and spare parts planning, assembly, painting, engine and transmission construction, upholstery work, service as well as transfer and transport.

Follow-up Restoration

Schrauben und Muttern

Sleeping beauty

Has a previous shop left your car unfinished? We are happy to take on projects that have not been completed. Such a takeover is undoubtedly a great challenge. Even the previous restoration steps must be assessed. In such cases, we benefit from our many years of experience. Especially such projects can demonstrate our expertise.


Grauer Porsche in Garten

Perfect match

You have not found your dream car yet? It is an honour for us to help you and look for the perfect partner on four wheels for you. Should you have no idea what this partner looks like, we are happy to give you some useful advice. The various Porsche models differ partly grossly. Depending on the model and year of construction, different components are used. Not to mention the visual appearance, as it is highly important to any vintage car enthusiast – because the eyes need to be satisfied as well.


We are able to provide you access to a wide variety of models. To be able to do so, a consultation in which we get to the bottom of your ideas, is essential.

Transfer & transport

Sichere Überstellung


Even famous paintings may travel occasionally. They are borrowed by another museum or are sold. Transport becomes a major challenge in such cases. No matter how challenging the journey is, it must not leave any traces on the painting. Just like that, a restored Porsche is a valuable work of art. For this reason, we pay great attention on transfer. We ensure safe transport and delivery on time. A long distance is no problem, either. As restorers, we succeed in bringing the past into the present. Safe transport is essential in this process.