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Reparatur von grünem Porsche


The way workshops work have changed radically over the last few years. Whereas earlier a secure hand and clear eyes were in demand, cars today are connected to a computer and a software analyses whether repair works are needed. Visiting our workshop might seem a bit like a journey back in time. With the emphasis on “a bit like”. While on the one hand, we rely on the craftsmanship and knowledge of those days. On the other hand, innovative technologies of today help us to get closer to our goal. The most important task of a workshop has not changed much: it must ensure that your vehicle is running. Running safe, to be more precise. To achieve this goal, we carry out all repair works necessary. We are also happy to take care of the safe transport of your car to our workshop and back home.


Even a new car needs to be maintained. A restored classic one needs it even more. The best remedy for wear is care. A visit to our workshop includes everything that your car requires: technical checks, oil service, maintenance, any type of reparation work, GOT, expert’s reports – just about anything. Visit us regularly – and by that we do not only mean after each driving season! You benefit from expert control and care. And we look forward to seeing you and your ever-young Porsche every time again.