One of 100 real Porsche 356 preA Continental Coupe

Porsche 356 PreA Continental 6

Porsche 356 PreA Continental

Maximilian Edwin Hoffman

Maximilian Edwin Hoffman ensured that sports cars were imported to the USA in the early 1950s. The designation “Continental” could actually be traced back to Mr Hoffman.

Our Porsche 356 Continental was delivered on 07/15/1955 in the colours terracotta / synthetic leather ocher, from the factory as a real Continental.
With a 1500 identical engine, 16 “aluminium dials, sealed beam headlights, speedometer in miles and gold sunroof, this Porsche 356 PreA was delivered directly to Max Hoffmann and is now offered exclusively through us.

The current condition of the vehicle:
Bodywork completed, engine and gearbox overhauled by Porsche (factory).

The vehicle is complete and will be completed by us.
Price on request