Porsche 911 Urelfer - 1965

Porsche 911 Urelfer 11
Ruby Red Daily Driver

New addition to the Appointment Hall


This Porsche 911 is looking for a new owner. Completed on July 22, 1965, this 911 stayed with P.C. as a demonstration vehicle until 1967. Pacific Burlingame, a Porsche dealership in California.

Its first owner was Arnold Pherson, who must have had a good time with the ruby ​​red Porsche. Unfortunately, the trail was lost after that and it only reappeared in 2018 when it was imported to Germany on behalf of the customer. However, due to personal difficulties, the car was never picked up from the port.

Shortly thereafter, the current owner became aware of the car at a trade fair and bought the vehicle in project condition at the time.

In 2019 the car came to us for the first time and was revised and finished. As the owner wanted a drive and not a standing vehicle, this 911 was restored to good Daily Driver condition. You are welcome to receive the history of the conversion in detail from us.

The engine of the Porsche is not matching, but from the same model year as the vehicle. However, the 911 still has an amazing amount of original sheet metal, as the stampings on the components have told us.
A Classic Data report from 2020 describes the car with a 2+ and a replacement value of €210,000.

The Porsche is now available for viewing and test drive by appointment in our Appointment Hall in Parndorf.

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Porsche 911 Urelfer
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engine power
96kw / 1991 ccm³
black leatherette