From Texas: Porsche 911S SWB - 1967

Sandfarbener Porsche 911S SWB in der Werkstatt
Porsche 911S SWB, delivered in Texas in 1967

Second hand Porsche 911S. This 911 was delivered on May 12th, 1967 in Texas. The name of the first owner is not yet known to us, the second owner from Tallahassee bought the vehicle in January 1979, where it was in a private collection until 2015.
We completely rebuilt the vehicle in 1400 hours as follows:

Disassembly of the vehicle with subsequent immersion bath removal,
Carrying out the body work,
KTL coating, painting with original Glasurit colors,
Porsche 911S / 1967 revision of the entire drive unit,
Assembly according to original specifications

The vehicle has its matching numbers engine, the original Weber IDS carburettors and of course all matching 4.5×15 ”Fuchs rims to the vehicle. A detailed documentation of all work is of course available.

Abgedeckter Porsche 911S SWB
Innenraum eines Porsche 911S SWB
Reifen eines Porsche 911S SWB
Sandfarbener Porsche 911S SWB von Vehicle Experts
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Zwei Sandfarbene Porsche 911S SWB
construction form
body number
construction year
model year
country shipped
engine number
engine power
160 PS / 1991 ccm
transmission number
901/02 / 1048XX
Sand Beige/6607
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