Dream in white - 1978

Ein Traum in Weiss 1
Porsche 911SC Targa 1978
This Porsche 911SC Targa was delivered on August 4th 1978 in the Porsche Center Linz and is therefore one of the few SC models that were registered as new cars in Austria.
Not much good has happened to this Targa over the years. When we received a call for help from its owner, it was very desperate. The latter had acquired the vehicle after a detailed assessment by an expert, but was not advised that three! Accidents prevent the car from any traffic safety.
First, an Austrian company tried to restore the car, which would have been uneconomical given the hours it took. This is how we came into play.

After almost 1000 hours it was done. The Porsche is running again and can now be seen on the streets of Vienna.

Ein Traum in Weiss
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construction form
body number
construction year
model year
country shipped
engine number
engine power
180/2994 ccm
black leatherette
forged alloy wheels black, manual antenna, black matt chrome and anodized parts incl., Headlight rings in body color, Leather sports steering wheel (380mm), tinted windows