Burgundy Porsche 911E - 1968

Porsche 911E in Rot
Porsche 911E in burgundy with beige interior

The Porsche 911E in burgundy with a beige interior dates from 1969. We found this impressive coupé in California, where an enthusiast had just recently renovated it but was unable to continue. That is why we brought this pretty boy to us to complete the work.
Despite the fact that the ravages of time were visible on the rust on the door sills, the bonnet and also on the floor of the vehicle, the condition of the vehicle was really excellent. Of course, this also influenced the work involved in repairing the body.

Porsche 911E Innenraum
Porsche 911E in Rot Motor
Porsche 911E in Rot Kofferraum
Porsche 911E in Rot von vorne
Porsche 911E in Rot von der Seite
Porsche 911E in Rot von hinten
Porsche 911E Felgen
construction form
body number
construction year
model year
country shipped
engine number
engine power
103 KW / 140 PS / 1991 ccm
transmission number
7191715 | 5-G. Manual
Burgundrot 6808
Beige leatherette | 9824
US equipment