Project Porsche 911 SWB - 1966

Golfblauer Porsche 911
Porsche 911 Coupe SWB
Golf blue is not the same as gulf blue

This Porsche 911 SWB was delivered to us two years ago. Back then we had two vehicles of the same color and of the same year of construction at the same time. What could be nicer than restoring two vehicles in parallel where everything is really identical?
But as my grandfather always said: Life is not a dream concert

The operating conditions for this copy, which belongs to a German company, have changed and the restoration has never started. After two years of waiting, we are now released to offer this gem on customer order. With or without a restoration order – this Porsche 911 SWB is looking for a new owner.

Porsche 911 SWB in Golfblau
Porsche 911 GOLFBLAU
Restaurationsprojekt Porsche 911 SWB 8
Porsche 911 SWB
Porsche 911 Golfblau
construction form
body number
construction year
model year
country shipped
engine number
engine power
130PS / 1991ccm
black leatherette
Chromed wheels

Could this be your future classic car?

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